Return and Exchange

Thank you for choosing everShine, here is the return and exchange policy

To apply for the process of returning or exchanging goods, please read carefully the Terms & Conditions for Return or Exchange of Goods :

1. Required to make Video Unboxing without pausing and without editing.
2. Returns can be made if the order does not match the package received.
3. Returns can be made if the goods are damaged (leaking, broken, etc.) by including Video Unboxing.
4. Return requests received a maximum of 2 days after the goods arrive (based on online data on the expedition selected during the order process).
5. Make requests for returns or complaints politely and nicely, all rude complaints will be ignored.
6. Buyers who do not comply with these rules and enforce their will for no apparent reason will be ignored and put on the blacklist of buyers.

Love, everShine